Sunday, June 14, 2009

Filipino Etiquette

Note: This post's supposed to be for Independence Day! I totally forgot to publish it!
Another note: I was motivated to write this after reading Dr. Gil Fernandez's article entitled "Hospitals in the Philippines"

I admire the Japs. Aside from their infamous [and seriously incomplex-like] bowing practice, I find their practices very admiring. So admiring that I was motivated to somewhat boast our own Filipino etiquette and practices. I was able to enumerate a few obvious examples, which I proudly listed below:

Table Manners
If you're a foreigner, or a Filipino who had a sudden amnesia after going to USA (OMG, I amlike, used already to slang, i forgot to speak tagalog na), then here are some simple things you need to remember when you are [un]fortunately invited for dinner.

1. Remember to wait for the host to call/invite you several times before heading to the kitchen table.
2. Remember that the best way to show gratitude is to eat heartily. Not so difficult, eh?
3. Before sitting, wait for the host to tell you where you are going to sit. There might be a prepared seating plan for the night.
4. NEVER start eating unless the host tells you to do so.
5. Praise the hostess' cooking. Even if you don't mean it, this really means a lot to Filipino mothers.

Meeting etiquette
These are the things that count the most when meeting for the first time.
1. You have to choice to either shake the other person's hand, or bow slightly (the Japanese way) or you can do both. But note that you might bump each other's head.
2. Females usually kiss one anothers' cheeks (and sometimes they even hug).
3. Remember to introduce the older/more important person first.
4. The honorific equivalents of Mr and Mrs are Ginoo and Ginang, respectively. Binibini is the Filipino equivalent of Miss. Informally, you can also call any male "kuya" (for females only)when you want to appear cute.
5. If you want to have a close relationship with a Filipino/a, try asking for her friendster/facebook account. He/she will undoubtedly give it and might even ask you for a "testi".

Christmas Etiquette
Or any gift-giving holiday.
1. Upon receiving a gift: Do not immediately open your gift in front of the person who gave it to you, unless he will request it.
2. Avoid giving chrysanthemum or white lilies if you ever plan on giving flowers.
3. Wrap gifts very presentably as much as possible. For some reasons, Filipinos judge the gift according to how it is wrapped.
4. The color of the wrapper is negligible.
5. The best gifts come with a wide smile and a lot of greetings.

1. When you are invited for dinner, arrive 15 or 30 minutes late.
2. Never call the host's wife as hostess. This is considered rude by Filipinos.
3. Dress well and appropriately. Remember that looks really count.
4. Do not call someone by their nickname unless you have a close relationship with the person. This is to avoid hearing the words "feeling close" or "FC" as most teenagers prefer to use.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Bulok ang gobyerno.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Blunt Presidential Elections

At last, the Philippines has become the number One most corrupt country in Asia. Soon, we will claim the Most Corrupt Country title in the world! And who knows, we may even maintain the title for at least a decade!

Apparently, joke lang yun (pero totoong number one po tayo).